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  • 2014-03-27: MongoDB Watchdog module ported to Drupal 8 at the Szeged Dev Days.
  • 2014-01-26: My post on the Symfony web profiler in Silex selected in Week of Symfony. w00t !
  • 2013-10-18: My first commit went into MongoDB today. And, guess what ? It's in JavaScript
  • 2013-09-20 to 29: Working on Drupal 8 EntityAPI at the extended code sprints during and around DrupalCon Prague
  • 2012-08-19: Working on Drupal 8 EntityAPI at Drupalcon Munich
  • 2012-06-15: Working on Drupal 8 EntityAPI at DrupalDevDays Barcelona
  • 2012-03-23: Working on the future Drupal Document Oriented Storage at DrupalCon Denver. D8 or later ? Bets are on Later

Drupal admin: deleting many nodes

Ofttimes, when developing a site, you can be led to create or import a large number of custom nodes, for instance flexinodes, only to have to delete them later on. Doing it by hand in admin/content is inconvenient when the number of nodes is large, and for custom nodes like flexinodes, the exact entries to delete in the various Drupal tables may not be obvious. Time for a workaround.

Pasting TEXT from browsers - sort of

Are you aware of what you're pasting from a browser's rendition of a page ?

Drupal coder: writing a Drupal XML-RPC service

XML-RPC is a very simple RPC service, but it may not be obvious how to provide it from Drupal. Here's how.

Drupal tips: showing recent searches

Some sites include a list of terms recently searched for. I've created a patch for Drupal adding this functionality to the current 4.6.x search module.

Grokking Drupal: the taxonomy system

UML class diagram thumbnail for Drupal taxonomy system in 4.6.4Taxonomy. That's what sets Drupal apart, and makes it so much more useful than many of its alternatives. But it's unduly intimidating at first: let's peek under the hood to see how to take advantage of it.

Bass Tab: New Year's Day, by U2

Tired of three lines tabs that only give the main riff ? Here's my own transcription of the version of U2's New Year's Day as featured on the "War" album.

Drupal coder: you don't have to stick to the parameter names in the documentation

The documentation for hook_user can cause an unforeseen problem...

Drupal module: taxonews

I've written a module for drupal, to allow sites to display a number of blocks with latest stories by taxonomy, and automatic content expiration. Enjoy.

First commit in Drupal core

My first patch for Drupal core went into HEAD today.

Drupal coder: hook_load and data isolation

You're peacefully coding a hook_load implementation in your latest drupal module, when your admin account suddenly gets "Access denied" errors looking at nodes. Yikes...

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