Feeds by category in Dotclear: get your Drupal blog

Submitted by Frederic Marand on Sun, 2005-09-18 10:00

How to restrict your view of this blog, or any Dotclear-based blog, to Drupal posts, or Bass posts, or whatever.

Warning: sample links below no longer correct. See my "Update for Drupal" comment dated 2006-03-19 for an update.

The Dotclear blog tool used here provides RSS and Atom feeds for all of the content on the blog. One could, however, not be interested in computing if it is not Drupal, or on my computing experiences when looking for an article about playing the rasgueado on a bass guitar.

Luckily, Dotclear allows for RSS feeds by category, by just adding a query parameter to the feed URL like:

I had to look for this feature because my blog happened to be included in the new Drupal Talk section of Drupal.org at some point this week, and I noticed that the also-new Drupal planet needs Drupal-specific feeds. Maybe someday...

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I'd say Dotclear is much simpler that Drupal for a first experience, but is dedicated to blogging, not to more generic or community-oriented sites. Wordpress is even simpler to install than both Drupal and Dotclear, and has lots of very good-looking themes, but I generally dislike its administration menu. To some extent, one could say that Dotclear when compared with Wordpress gives much of the same impression as Drupal when compared with Mambo / Joomla.

Also, note that dotclear is french, and not everything has been translated to other languages, for instance this default theme or the BBclone stats plugin.