First commit in Drupal core

Submitted by Frederic Marand on Thu, 2005-10-13 00:00

My first patch for Drupal core went into HEAD today.

On 07/20/2005, I decided to look more deeply into Drupal along with Mambo, which I was then considering for the upcoming versions of OSInet's sites.

As one can surmise from my Grokking Drupal series of posts in this blog, Drupal quickly replaced Mambo in my plans, and I started studying it in more detail, hence the said series.

I submitted my first patch to core, for a minor localisation issue, on 08/21/2005, and started waiting for its admission or rejection, then submitting translations, other patches.

Nothing was validated. Disheartening, but I kept on trudging my way to Drupal knowledge by working on the helpdesk module, and patching Drupal 4.6 for PHP5 along the way.

And today, Dries commited this first patch to HEAD, and it's all bright again (no pun intended).

Image by Tristan Nitot, made available on wikimedia commons under a CC license.