New release system for OSInet contributions

Submitted by Frederic Marand on Sun, 2007-05-20 19:26

The "heavy" modules OSInet contributes to Drupal (G2, Helpdesk, Zeitgeist) have now been placed under the new release system.

Branches and releases have been created where applicable:

  • helpdesk: DRUPAL-4.6 branch
  • g2 glossary: DRUPAL-4.7 and DRUPAL-5 branches. Official supported release, and alternate releases created.
  • zeitgeist: DRUPAL-4.7 and DRUPAL-5 branches. Releases created.
  • modules and the theme in my sandbox are no branched/tagged, since they are just experiments

I'm all ears for any comments on the various branches and tags created, since I'm not entirely sure every file has been properly branched and tagged as needed.

And, BTW, did you notice the "themesettings" module from my sandbox has now been obsoleted by the all-new themesettings module project ?