Block party postmortem

Submitted by Frederic Marand on

City display announcing the 2007 block partyThe block party is over, and the concert went reasonably well: rain on monday, rain on wednesday, and nice weather on tuesday, just when we played !

Some photos from the party are available on Flickr.

In the end, we performed three half-hour sets, which were rather well received. The audience surprised us by dancing in the street to some of our songs, notably "Fragiles", "Voyages", "Imagine un soir" and "Fin".


The bass amp was an old SWR "Bassic Black", which seems to be most of the time referred to as "Basic Black". It's a surprisingly light combo, which was apparently very popular 8 years ago, but which proved incompatible with the PX4B: I had inserted it in the effects loop, but the PX4B went into larsen as soon as I injected some wet signal back. I sort of think I'll really need a dedicated pedalboard instead of relying on the PX4B outside the home practice context for which it is designed. In the end, I could only use it for the tuner function, and rely on the amp sound. Speaking of which...

Although I had rolled off the treble and medium below 50% on the amp panel, I had to cut off all treble on the Corvette to avoid sounding like an ukelele. This amp seems to have been designed for more traditional Jazz or Precision basses, not Warwick slap machines. Not very convenient.

This being said, we had time to set up properly before the concert, so I could make sure the sound was reasonably balanced 50 meters from the stage, thanks to the wireless system. Neat ! If only we always has as much time to set up stage.