Drupal internships

Submitted by Frederic Marand on

With OSInet focusing more heavily now on Drupal services, the company is now offering internships for students interested in working on Drupal.

First things first, I've offered to mentor for the Google Summer of Code, and would be specifically interested if a student picked up the live Drupal backup project if it came to be approved.

Beyond this, we are offering two traditional 2 months internships in France for July and August. The topics would be on code quality, module porting to Drupal HEAD in advanced preparation for the D7 release, and would focus on e-commerce back-office integration using PHP-GTK. You will have access to in-house Drupal and PHP-GTK competencies, and will be expected to actually learn something from your work, not just work in the trenches.

OSInet is located south of Paris, in a high-tech area, in the same street as HP and Microsoft. Student accomodation exists in the nearby University of Paris Sud Orsay, and offices are easily reachable by public transportation.

Contact me if you are interested.