e-Commerce sessions in Szeged

Submitted by Frederic Marand on

If you are [considering] working on an e-Commerce site, and are coming to the Szeged Drupalcon, you may be interested in several sessions around the theme. In order for your session(s) of choice to stand a chance of being actually part of the conference program, you should vote for the sessions you would like to attend.

Subjet to approval by the conference board, I will be animating/presenting a session about the internals of the e-Commerce suite: see http://szeged2008.drupalcon.org/program/sessions/developing-e-commerce for more details. If this is of interest to you, vote on the session to make sure it will indeed be included in the conference program.

Other sessions around e-Commerce

Cedric Perronnet, from Open Web Solutions, will be presenting the making of a full Flash e-Commerce site for french luxury maker Boucheron: http://szeged2008.drupalcon.org/program/sessions/making-full-flash-front-end-luxury-e-commerce.

Ryan Szrama, of Übercart fame, will be presenting his product: http://szeged2008.drupalcon.org/program/sessions/introducing-ubercart.