Open up to other languages: come to OSDC France 2010 !

Submitted by Frederic Marand on

The second Open Source Developers Conference (OSDC) will be held on saturday 9th and sunday 10th, October 2010 at "Carrefour Numérique de la Cité des Sciences", in Paris. OSDC is a cross-language event, set up by multiple french language-specific non-profits:

  • PERL: Mongueurs de Perl
  • Python: AFPy (Association Francophone Python)
  • Ruby: Ruby France
  • SmallTalk: European Smalltalk User Group

Several other languages will have presentations too, include quite a bit of PHP (Symfony, code analysis tools), Javascript (Node.js) and Clojure, but also non-language presentations, including PGSQL, Redis, and Git, among others.

In addition, an O'Reilly booth will be selling books with a 35% discount over their usual international price.

See the full program and register on the OSDC site.