Tip of the day: using Homebrew to get PHP Pear extensions behind a proxy

Submitted by Frederic Marand on

Four pears with leaves on a tableMost of the time, installing tools using Homebrew works flawlessly, including PHP these days. However, having to work in a client environment requiring a proxy, the PHP 8.1 post-install failed when updating Pear/Pecl channels, although the usual http_proxy and https_proxy were set and worked normally, including for the other Homebrew tasks. What could be going on ?

Tip of the day: validating a Jenkinsfile from the CLI with HTTPie

Submitted by Frederic Marand on

The Jenkins butler with a keyboard, variations by fgm@osinetfr and Dall-E 2An easily missed feature in Jenkins is the bundled linter for Jenkinsfiles.

While there are many examples about how to use it with cURL, I could not find any using HTTPie, which I find much more convenient in general than cURL. So, after some fumbling due to the little documented expectations of the validator, here is the solution showing how to validate a Jenkinsfile from the CLI:

Tip of the day: patching legacy Drupal 7 projects with Composer

Submitted by Frederic Marand on

Some late Drupal 7 projects use Composer for project structure and tooling, even though they don't use Composer for the Drupal requirements proper. In that case, the normal Drupal 8/9 patching process using cweagans/composer-patches is not available, since dependencies are not handled with Composer. So is there a way to apply patches cleanly from Composer ? Sure there is! Let's see how.