New site for the band - concerts

Submitted by Frederic Marand on

After some months of procrastination, I've finally done a small site for the band I'm currently playing with, called Moma Poka.

Not that much content yet ; proper photos and recordings have to be done, but the team that shot the Bondoufle concert is now busy with Rolland-Garros, and I suppose it's probably more useful to them than remixing / remounting our show.

You can still have a look at Moma Poka's site, though.

Most of our creations are available under a Creative Commons license.

And, oh, I forgot to mention : we're looking for chances to play live. As long as our costs are covered (road, rentals...), we'll play for free this year. It's easier in France and especially around Paris, of course, but anything goes.

I'll be doing a Muse cover on 14 June and various blues on 06 June. Schedules are on the site.