First outdoors concert

Submitted by Frederic Marand on

Highly anticipated concert on Sunday: this is our "big" concert for the year, in a private festival of multiple musical styles.

Beautiful uncommon setup for an outdoors concert, with a stage set on a tiny island, with some stage art :

Island Stage

Precious auspices: this rarest bloom, the musical tree, grows on the island:

Musical Tree

The bass combo is an unfamiliar one: a Roland Studio Bass 100.

Although Roland is definitely not a name that springs to mind when it comes to amps (this box is not even listed on Harmony Central), the sound is quite decent, if lacking in character. Controls are simple and sufficient.

Roland Studio Bass 10

Sometimes, you know women have been involved in setting up an event. Daisies are soooo charming on a table under the trees, in full view of the stage.

Daisies on a table

The day passes pleasantly, musician after musician taking their turn on the stage. Time for us. Blue sky. Blue stage roof.

Sometimes, visual arts can be overwhelming, can't they ?

The artist told me earlier she had painted that big face to be a gaudy one. Hope it won't mind us...

Big picture, small musicians

We're ready. Set. Go. I go a-slapping on "Kamikaze".

But what's that ? RAIN ?

In a matter of seconds, the summer storm casts its panic spell on each and all, including the lady shooting that only snapshot of us on this, our first outdoors show. Or is it "no show" ?

Here comes the rain again.

Luckily enough, there was a plan B, and after the mandatory 15 minutes of rain, half the audience fleeing home, and an hour moving hardware, the concerts continues in a barn kept prepared for the occasion.

A barn. Maybe it's time to write at least one country number for such occasions... Well, at least we can go slapping the reggae. I'm pretty sure Aston "Familyman" Barrett would object to the technique, though, but I'm no keeper of the Wailers temple.

Slapping the reggae

No slap or tap on the last number: this is our first ska number, and the genre mandates fingerstyle.

Finger-style for Ska

So it's over for the day, and we can get ready for the next show on thursday. Two outdoor shows in one week. Stay tuned.