Drupal-based community site for PHP-GTK

Submitted by Frederic Marand on

The new Drupal-based community site for PHP-GTK is up at http://www.php-gtk.eu.

Drupal features

Technically, this is pretty much a plain Drupal 5.0 Beta 1 Beta 2 RC1 RC2 site, using the new Garland theme without custom changes besides a much needed fix, and a site-specific module for things like useful referer counting and the PHP-GTK dev geolocation service.

The site also sports an optional "PHP-GTK" theme derived from the theme currently on http://gtk.php.net.

PmWiki, spam, and Drupal

The contents are a mix of a drupal.org-like community site and data reimported from the previous PmWiki-based PHP-GTK Wiki, which had to be removed because of heavy-handed spamming : filtering the content by hand showed above 98% of the wiki contents were actually spam, and this caused the PHP-GTK team to remove it because they could no longer handle it. Restoring the actual contents of the wiki, contributed over three years by PHP-GTK developers and users was the primary motivation for my setting up this site.

I can just hope Drupal will prove more resilient than PmWiki, although I suspect the primary reason for PmWiki failing security-wise was a lack of maintenance, since the online wiki used a very old version of the package, instead of remaining up-to-date to take advantage of new security fixes.