Module for Google Gadgets is now in CVS

Submitted by Frederic Marand on

The google_gadget module is now available directly from my sandbox on, at

UPDATE 2018-04-14: Since The Great Git Migration, the module is actually at

It should make it simpler to use than having to gather the pieces from my post explaining the module.

Actually, due to the contractual obligations put under committers on d.o., everything one commits there is automatically under GPL 2.0.

But this does not preclude one from supplying the software on additional licenses, as long as they are compatible with the GPL 2.0, which is the case for the CeCILL 2.0 license, according to both the FSF and the CeCILL 2.0 authors:

Licensing happens to have been a topic of discussion on the dev list these last few days, BTW. Fascinating stuff, much like monsters exhibitions.