Views 2 training video from DrupalCon Paris

Submitted by Frederic Marand on

If you haven't been able to attend DrupalCon Paris, or missed the session I led on Views for developers there, you can find its first part on

The video on only contains the first 98 minutes of the workshop, which lasted well over 4 hours, but it's still great to see this generally available.

The rest of the session was mostly spent doing application exercises of increasing complexity, running around the room to help students with their code, which lent itself less well to video. Contact me directly if you need more information on OSInet workshops and training.

After that starter training, you might want to look at Crell's lecture, which dealt with more advanced topics within Views, for which I had no time during the workshop.

I could assist and I totally recommend to take a look to this video to get a basic idea of dealing with views 2 api, how to get views into a custom module, add views2 support to a custom module that uses its own db tables, etc
Great stuff!