Night life in Munich

Submitted by Frederic Marand on Sun, 2010-05-09 23:00

So we Drupalistas were supposed to gather for some sort of social event at a concept bar (more below), and I bid my time walking the subway corridors, among the incredible crowd one can find out in Munich any Saturday evening around 8pm, as shown below.

U-Bahn 2010-05-08 19.47.01

If you didn't recognize the place, no it is not a prop for an orange version of the Nostromo corridors, but Marientplatz, a rather large crossing point (4 lines) in the Munich U-Bahn and S-Bahn line. I don't know why the orange: just before that short, a long-haired woman sped by in a bright orange tee-shirt too. And yet this is not the Netherlands. Oh well... I like retro-SF orange too :-)

BTW , the color correction on my phone is probably a bit off: the color of the walls is a brighter orange than appears here, where it looks almost like wood.

Anyway, no orange alien roaming the corridors, and I found the meeting place. Interesting.

One of the backrooms at Die Republik

The place is called Die Republik, and appears to have been themed around 80s imagery of the former DDR. Funny esthetics. But I din't feel like spending the evening there. I had noticed on my way a nearby place had less geeks, and a live band doing a lot of interesting noise. At last, /that/ place was not empty...