First LibreOffice build

Submitted by Frederic Marand on Sun, 2010-10-17 00:01

LibreOffice About boxUnless you've been living under a rock these last few weeks, you are aware of the fork of created by The Document Foundation (TDF), called LibreOffice (LO), and wondering whether some code was already usable.

Well, I happened to have a mostly unencumbered Saturday, so I took it to try my hand at building the latest LO dev build from TDF...

The LO build instructions are very useful but, building on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, I found the process was not exactly as described but needed a few tweaks, so I mentioned my findings on the new LibreOffice section on the Audean Wiki, as feedback from the #libreoffice IRC channel was that such OS-specific info should not be added to the current page.

Hope this helps others... but if you want to build, be aware that just running the "make" for LibreOffice m10 took almost 5 hours.

As to how it looks... well, basically like any recent build of OOo 3.3, not even crashing at the first use steps when I opened existing documents.

UPDATE 2010-10-17: someone added my first note to the install page, though. Maybe specific per-OS build instruction pages will appear over time.