Helpdesk / customer support module for Drupal

Submitted by Frederic Marand on Mon, 2005-09-12 21:38

Are you interested in a module for helpdesk / customer support on Drupal-based sites ? Then read further and have a look at the diagram !

As the upcoming Mediacore sites like the new versions of OSInet and Riff News are being developed on top of Drupal, one of the missing capabilities I'm having to add is a helpdesk / customer support module, currently being coded, albeit slowly.

For the usual reasons, all the non-core code of the sites, including this helldesk module, will be Open Source, and contributed to Drupal.

Drupal helpdesk module data model The module already has a page on, but until code is actually committed to the CVS, it is not possible to see it from within or comment on it yet, so if you have any ideas on the subject, want to look at the code, or even help or shape it for your own needs, feel free to comment on this post and contact me.

The diagram represents the abstract data model underlying the module, as it is currently being coded (click for full-size view).

To get a more detailed idea of what to expect from the module, here's what I wrote about it:

Unlike existing Drupal functionality like the project module, it is not designed for peer support, but it defines user roles like: technician, customer, and user. It defines parameterized support contracts, charging support by the call (think incident packages), by time spent (think typical hotline contracts), on a periodic basis (think yearly maintenance), or not at all (think presales support). Contracts have expiration dates separated from charging, and can optionally be suspended temporarily.

The module issues customized tickets and followups on tickets. Followups can be charged differently from the original ticket if need be.

Tickets can be linked with an ecommerce transaction to link support requests with purchases (think expiring support contracts like warranties on purchases).

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Philip Manning

Mon, 2005-10-03 18:46

My dept. is needing a help desk app and since we will have to build from the ground up anyway I would like to develop on this project so others can benifit as well.

You're indeed right to ask: there hasn't been much work since then. As I had little to no feedback at the time and felt I was going nowhere fast with the code as it was then, I put this module on hold until I had become more efficient drupal-wise, and spent time on my sites, and the taxonews, G2, and Zeitgeist modules instead.

As I explained to other questions recently, I'll have to rewrite or bring the module to production level, because I simply need its functionality, but I don't think it will be based on the current implementation (PHP5 for 4.6.x). As far as I can tell, I'll probably just restart it from scratch, using the same specification but with a more "drupalish" implementation, and for 4.7.

I don't think there is currently any site using the current version as such: it is hardly usable anyway.

No update beyond what you can see on the site: I haven't found more time to work on it, and it still stuck in an unfinished state, and for Drupal 4.6.x only.

In most cases, I'd suggest you take a long look at the project and casetracker modules, both of which have evolved and are actively maintained.

Actually, project is the reason why helpdesk didn't receive much love: project and project_issue covered a sufficient part of my own needs to avoid spending time on the additional features brought by helpdesk. It might be the case for you too...