Resources for PHP-GTK 2

Submitted by Frederic Marand on Sat, 2006-10-14 23:17

The official site for PHP-GTK is obviously a natural must for anything related to PHP-GTK 2.

However, its resource pages links indiscriminately to fresh and useful material, and to obsolete intro-level information for the now-defunct PHP-GTK 1.

Here is my selection of current useful resources for PHP-GTK 2, for the developer who already read the advertorials, installed the environment and ran the intro tutorials, and now wants to actually create with the extension.

UPDATED 2006-11-10

  • GTK classes reference for PHP-GTK 2. Although it is less complete than the next reference, it contains actual PHP-GTK syntax instead of raw C code, and sometimes added notes specific to PHP
  • GTK reference from The absolute reference, more complete than the first reference, but uses the C syntax of the native Gnome development environment, so it is most useful when the first reference only contains the skeleton of a function
  • The php-gtk2 cookbook is a very most useful tutorial resource I've located yet about the environment. It covers PHP-GTK2, and is mercifully free from the ad spam present on some other "blogs" about PHP-GTK2. From series of examples centered around a given set of widgets (think GtkTreeView and its cohort) up to application templates to choose implementation strategies for larger applications, it starts from where the PHP-GTK intro ends to cover actual application needs, including these silly insignificant tricks for developers like alternate-color rows that are so important to customers.
  • The "coverage" pages on the german PHP-GTK2 site allow one to check whether missing information or code results from actually missing underlying functionality, or just missing documentation or code:
  • And let's not forget the PHP-GTK Community site which contains the examples from the defunct wiki on, as well as fresh new examples by community members.

Feel free to add new resources by leaving comments: I'll evaluate them and maybe add them to the list.