Page Rank 6

Submitted by Frederic Marand on Wed, 2007-02-07 21:57

Earlier today, I just happened to go check an article on the PHP-GTK community site using MSIE, which is a fairly infrequent occurrence considering how I spend most of the day in Opera, and noticed the PageRank green bar, which had until now remained at zero as the site was still too recent to be ranked, now had an alluring value...

So I checked it, and found PR6. Double-checked with various page rank check sites over the web, and found the same results. Meeooow !

Now I know : watch the green bar with interest but don’t take it too seriously, but it's still a first for me : OSInet has been stable at PR5 for years, while Riff News and this blog were until recently at PR4 and just reached PR5 during the latest Google recalculation, so I think I'll still have fun tonight anyway.

Don't know how much it takes to achieve Page Rank 6, but a quick google search currently shows about 1000 inbound links to currently, not counting the internal site links. Note that only shows 11 of these today, though. Maybe it filters out copycats, only taking sites with original content into account ?

The PR on is back down to 5 these days, after staying at 6 for many months, and although the traffic and inbound link counts have both been rising steadily (4500-6500 users/day this week).