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  • 2017-11-26: New Drupal 8 site at Rue du Commerce, architected and tech-led by OSInet, just went throught Black Friday week with flying colors thanks to RabbitMQ
  • 2017-05-26: New headless Drupal 8 / Symfony 3 site at FranceTV Sport, architected and tech-led by OSInet, with RabbitMQ
  • 2017-02-20: New Drupal 8 site galaxy (+/- 70 sites) for Agences Régionales de Santé architected and tech-led by OSInet, delivered by Klee
  • 2015-08-21: 50% less server load with MongoDB on the Drupal 7 site factory at France Télévisions
  • 2015-07-15: Our first Drupal 8 production site at France Télévisions is live
  • 2014-08-18: 400% speedup in 3 weeks for : who said Drupal back-offices had to be slow ?
  • 2014-02-07: Sotchi Olympics traffic not a problem for , which I rearchitected on Drupal 7 in 2013
  • 2011-09-14: Completed migration of FranceInfo.FR from SPIP to Drupal
  • 2011-07-13: The new social network features of Le Figaro are now powered by an OSInet-designed MongoDB implementation

Quick news

  • 2014-03-27: MongoDB Watchdog module ported to Drupal 8 at the Szeged Dev Days.
  • 2014-01-26: My post on the Symfony web profiler in Silex selected in Week of Symfony. w00t !
  • 2013-10-18: My first commit went into MongoDB today. And, guess what ? It's in JavaScript
  • 2013-09-20 to 29: Working on Drupal 8 EntityAPI at the extended code sprints during and around DrupalCon Prague
  • 2012-08-19: Working on Drupal 8 EntityAPI at Drupalcon Munich
  • 2012-06-15: Working on Drupal 8 EntityAPI at DrupalDevDays Barcelona
  • 2012-03-23: Working on the future Drupal Document Oriented Storage at DrupalCon Denver. D8 or later ? Bets are on Later

Dead spots needn't stay dead

Most guitars and basses, especially in the lower and middle price ranges have "dead spots", places on the neck that don't sound as well as other places. Sometimes there's a cheaper fix than going out to buy a more expensive axe.

Drupal coder: hook_form: is this node new ?

hook_form is used both for adding new nodes and editing existing ones, and no parameter is passed to describe the current operation.

Why is it not needed ? Because a simple test can show whether the node is being added or edited:

Helpdesk / customer support module for Drupal

Are you interested in a module for helpdesk / customer support on Drupal-based sites ? Then read further and have a look at the diagram !

Drupal admin: clean URLs for Drupal using IIS

Using Apache, clean URLs in Drupal compatible with SEO are achieved using mod_rewrite, but no built-in equivalent seems to exist for Microsoft IIS. There is a hack, though...

Opera 8 for free today !

During its 10th anniversary party, Opera is giving away free registrations for all current versions of the Opera browser.

You can get yours while the party lasts at: and appreciate what I consider to be the best browser for all usual platforms at no cost.

There has been lots of buzz being done these last few days about a soon-to-be new economic model for Opera, by the way. Run Opera, Run !

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Restoring the Code Navigation button in Dreamweaver MX 2004

The Code Navigation button in Dreamweaver allows developers to jump directly from function to function. Yet it is only available from the Code Inspector panel, not the main editor. Here is how to restore it.

Drupal admin: displaying user roles on the account edit page

Some sites may wish to display to users what their roles are. Here is a small module allowing just this.

Drupal admin: permissions and HTML entities

Permissions defined by modules in Drupal are usually given short names, in plain ASCII-96. Using anything else, like entities, requires caution...

Unusual browser market shares

Common knowledge says MSIE is still the top browser in terms of market share, Firefox a distant second, and all others mostly insignificant. Figures on this site say otherwise: is the Riff blog reader an unusual one ? Here are the data

Configuring Mambo's Search Engine Friendly URLs on is a non-profit hosting association for PHP developers. Due to their hosting parameters, Mambo's "Search Engine Friendly URLs" won't work out of the box. Here is how to set up the .htaccess for Mambo CMS/Joomla on these hosts.

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